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Team Cup 2017-18 - Entry list and Draw - Updated

Team cup starts on Thursday 6th October and the draw for the 1st round will be made on Wednesday 28th September. Matches will be on the first Thursday of every month with the final taking place on Thursday 4th Jan at Culter.

We were looking at a slight change of format with 4 man teams with a mix of singles and doubles but the feedback I've received since this was muted is that some teams can't get 4 players to be there all night and most want to play all 6 players, and like the existing format. Happy to continue with current format for this season and see what entry numbers are like. Please enter on here or let me know by text/email etc before Wednesday please.

As per discussions at the AGM, if clubs with 2 teams are struggling to raise a team for the cup competition they can enter as a combined team rather than miss out, nobody gains an advantage as it's handicapped, it's all about making sure those that want to be involved can be. Similarly if a club has loads of players and wants to enter 2 teams this can be done as long as the players are registered and have a league handicap. Thanks, Steve.


Culter 2


Hazlehead (combined)

Transport 2

Transport 1

Nigg Bay

Dee Swim

Culter 1

Country Club (combined)


22 Club



Draw for Team Cup 1st Round - Matches to be played Thursday 5th October


Transport 1 vs Bye

Oldmachar 7 vs 3 Rileys

Culter 1 3 vs 7 Hazlehead

Country Club 7 vs 0 22 Club

Culter 2 7 vs 1 Dee Swim

Transport 2 vs Bye

Nigg Bay vs Bye

Bye vs Hopeville

Matches as previously are the first to 7 frames, played off individual handicaps at the time of the match. No player can play twice, that rule is just in place for league matches, cup is first to 7. No handicaps are adjusted on the back of cup matches

In the event of a 6-6 tie there will be a playoff frame between the 2 players chosen by their captains.

Good Luck.


A few have asked about the QF draw. The team cup is a redraw after each round so the draw for the QFs will take place at Culter after tonight's final 1st Round match.



Draw for Team Cup Quarter-Finals - Matches to be played Thursday 2nd November


Transport 1 7 vs 6 Oldmachar

Nigg Bay 7 vs 5 Culter 2

*Transport 2 vs Country Club

Hazlehead 2 vs 8 Hopeville

* Match to be played 9th Nov as both Transport teams drawn at home.


Draw made by George and Kenny from Dee Swim tonight after the match at Culter.

Draw for Team Cup Semi-Finals - Matches to be played Thursday 8th December


Nigg Bay  5 vs 7 Transport 2

Transport 1 7 vs 4 Hopeville

Draw made by Steve Biggs and Marc Davis

Good Luck.

Handicaps now updated ahead of tonight's Team Cup Semi-Finals.


Good Luck to All.

Congratulations to both Transport teams making it through to the team cup final.

Team Cup Final will take place on Thursday 18th January at Culter.

Transport 2 vs Transport 1 - 7pm kick off.

Please come along to watch and support the event if possible.

Each team will be responsible for refereeing one table, ie one frame each per person.

Hope to see everyone there.