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Week 1 and there's some teething problems with new team and new players.
Can we ask ALL captains that have a new player/s to assess them accurately and in the interest of fairness, allocate a close handicap.
Part of the reason to handicap the league was to encourage new players to the game but we will lose the enjoyment factor when these players are handicapped wrong from day 1. Plenty was said at the AGM about it and as agreed, new players will be looked at and allocated a different handicap if it's clear they are playing off the wrong one. The last thing we need as committee members to have umpteen phone calls and texts with moans on a Tuesday night when we are trying to swipe our way round a snooker table! There's a lot of hard work goes into this but we need co-operation from team captains re new handicaps.
Rileys 2 didn't show up and we are trying to find out why. Mark at Rileys has done some sterling work there and I'm sure wouldn't want his team to let the association down.
Here's looking forward to week two ...