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Table re-covering Offer



Dear  .........,

The 2017 Championship is taking place in Glasgow in August and a team from ..........  is participating.

The tournament, which is now in its 5th year, has attracted a world renowned sponsor of snooker/billiards products in the form of Aramith, Strachan and Scott.

As part of the sponsorship package, Strachan are offering Clubs in the areas of the competing teams a discount on the purchase of table cloth. The arrangements for ordering are as follows:

Strachan Tournament 30oz 12ft Bed and Cushion Set

Promotion price: £198 (20% discount on normal price)

Contact Details:

Name: Norman Ridall (of Suzo Happ UK)

Phone – 0208 391 7722

Email –

 Quote promotional code: SCS 2868


The County Championship Committee is hoping to enter into a long term relationship with Aramith/Strachan.Scott and taking advantage of the Strachan offer generates a ‘win win’ for both yourself and the future of the County Championship. 

Accordingly, should you wish/need to replace table cloth then please take advantage of this offer.

It may be that other promotional arrangements for Aramith/Strachan/Scott products become available to the County Championship Committee and if so then I will let you know.