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North Of Scotland 2018

North of Scotland Singles 2018.

Preliminary Round to be played by Monday 22nd January 2018

Best of 7 Frames

[1] K Jamieson (22 Club)  4 vs 2 N Smith (Rileys)
[2] G McRobb (Transport) W/o vs S Whelan (Rileys)
[3] H Hall (Transport) 3 vs 4 J Ahern (CC)
[4] C Smith (22 Club) 4 vs 1 G Whyte (Culter)
[5] K Simpson (Unattached) 1 vs 4 N Stirling (Portland)
[6] G Podlesny (CC) vs B Robson (Sportsmans)


Superb number of entries this season (70), lots of new names, good to see the league newcomers getting involved, thanks. Does mean we require 6 prelim matches to get us down to the last 64. Wanted to get these up ASAP to give enough time for them to be played.

Last 64 draw will be posted before the end of the year. Top 32 (Rankings now up to date after last league match) will be entered into position in the draw as normal, with their opponents drawn at random, then home/away for each match will be drawn again at random.


Thanks and Merry Christmas..


North of Scotland Singles 2018.

1st Round to be played by Monday 12th February 2018

Best of 7 Frames.

[01] M Davis (22 club) vs S Masson (Culter)
[02] D Walker (Portland) 4 vs 1 D Thomson (Hazlehead)
[03] A Pedelty (22 club) vs N Stirling (Portland)
[04] S Gow (Dee Swim) vs G Mitchell (Hopeville)
[05] I Tulloch (Rileys) vs D Matthew (CC)
[06] S McHardy (CC) vs G Smith (Unattached)
[07] S Garden (Transport) vs K Cook (Dee Swim)
[08] G McRobb (Transport)  vs E Laing (Culter)
[09] P Hardy (Oldmachar) vs S Hunter (Culter)
[10] D McAllan (Transport) vs A Johnston (Unattached)
[11] R Murray (Oldmachar) vs M Reid (Culter)
[12] S Patterson (CC) vs D Goodfellow Jnr (Sports)
[13] K MacPherson (Oldmachar) vs S Leece (Culter)
[14] M Logie (Hopeville) vs D Hudson (22 Club)
[15] R Gardiner (CC) vs M Oaten (22 CLub)
[16] J Robertson (CC) vs J Whyte (Culter)
[17] H Brebner (CC) vs B Smith (Oldmachar)
[18] J Rinks (CC) vs F Allan (CC)
[19] D Goodfellow Snr (Sports) vs J Pettit (Culter)
[20] J McGrath (Unattached) vs *C Milton (Culter) *Clark plays at home.
[21] D Morrison (Culter) 4 vs 0 G Groves (CC)
[22] J Ahern (CC) vs S Martin (Oldmachar)
[23] G Smart (Rileys) vs A Main (Oldmachar)
[24] R Crighton (Oldmachar) vs K Jamieson (22 Club)
[25] A Gerrie (CC) 4 vs 0 S Fraser (Rileys)
[26] G Elrick (Culter) vs M Humphrey (Nigg Bay)
[27] J McNolty (CC) vs I Thomson (Hazlehead)
[28] Winner Prelim 6 vs K Cook (Culter)
[29] S Biggs (Culter) vs C Smith (22 Club)
[30] D Thomson (Transport) vs S Thompson (Hopeville)
[31] M Milligan (22 Club) vs J McCann (Culter)
[32] L Mutch (Transport) vs E Gray (Hopeville)


Draw made by myself and Adrian Johnston tonight at Culter.

Good Luck All.

D.Walker 4-1 D.Thomson

C Smith 4-1 G Whyte

D.Morrison 4-0 G.Groves

N Stirling 4 - 1 K Simpson