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Hi guys

As this was getting discussed on the previous website and all has went quite since 😂


Had a wee thought on the subject


Would it not be fair to play 1st half season with the handicaps as they are and then the 2nd half season play with no handicaps


The handicaps would then come back into place at the start the  following season where they finished off  the previous year


Would this not be a fair compromise to all ???


Positive replys only please ha ha

Been here before albeit with slightly different suggestions, mid season is not the time to change anything unless there is an EGM, we dont want to be more unpopular than we already are so its probably best to bow out gracefully this season and finish bottom but with a good handicap for next year....

Well said Barry 👏👏😜😂😂

Handicaps should have had an upper limit, in the region of 40-50.

Why? Because Joe Bilabong shouldn't be able to take up snooker and be competitive within around 26 weeks.

The low handicappers didn't get good instantly, I expect they had to skip lessons like Jimmy.

Difficult to find a happy medium as ideally you want a competitive league keeping everyone's interest going but not to the detriment of the better players who will get disillusioned with putting in the practice with no reward.
Personally, the handicap system works quite well as most of my matches have gone down to the colours and win or lose have been enjoyable games. I would suggest for next season the handicap limit is capped at say 40 as it is unfair on the lower handicap players. Some of the games I have won where the point's margin is too great have not been enjoyable and felt like a hollow victory.   I'm sure there's a happy medium to be found. Could have two league for handicaps and one without☺

Have you won a match Dave?🤭🤫🤭

Contentious issue these handicaps. Personally I think that they’re a great idea as they were I believe introduced to level the field so that those of us  from the old lower leagues weren’t getting murdered week in week out by those from the old Premier league. Great in that respect but it has now had the opposite effect where the low handicapped players are now getting disillusioned with the league. Nobody wants to be playing unless they think they have a chance of winning and there are games where players are losing frames when only a handful of balls have been potted. Levelling the playing field is fine but there also needs to be an incentive in place for players to improve.

I know it’s been discussed and suggested a few times now but there does appear to be a need for an upper cap. 40 was suggested above, and it’s as good a starting point as any. As a league we need to increase where possible the number of teams and players, and also retain as many of the current players as possible.

Our last two games we have played against teams giving us mostly big starts and both games we lost 8-4. Before both games both opposing captains (possibly jokingly) mentioned the size of the starts being given away. I could say that those results have shown that the handicap starts were indeed not enough nevermind people saying the opposite. However we wont complain and just move onto the next match.

All the talk about handicaps is as usual about the low handicappers becoming disillusioned, but if things change too dramatically the same thing will happen with the high handicappers. Some people seem to think that it is up to the high handicappers to improve their game but it is not as simple as that. We would all like that to happen but for many of us it wouldnt matter if we were able to practise every day of the week, I doubt there would be much improvement. Age is also an issue for many.

The league results every week usually show mostly close games. Loads of draws and narrow wins and very few thrashings.  I have suggested letting the away team see the home teams line up as a change for next year which may or may not be a good idea. Personally I dont see much wrong with the current set up.