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Aberdeen Singles 2017-18


Gavin McRobb 0-3 Barry Smith

Paul Hardy 3-0 Neil Stirling

Kenny MacPherson 3-0 Euan Gray

M.Milligan 2-3

Thanks for those results.

draw for the next round will take place tonight at Culter and posted by tomorrow.

Entries for the NoS and doubles will also close tonight and the draws will be up before Christmas. The NoS is a seeded comp so I will need to update the rankings after tonight’s matches first.

if anyone who hasn’t entered either, still wants to, let me know on here or by text by tonight.


2nd Round to be played by Monday 15th January 2018.

Best of 5. Open Draw Competition.

A.Pedelty (22 Club) 0 vs 3 S.Martin (Oldmachar)
M.Logie (Hopeville) 0 vs 3 D.Hudson (22 Club)
G.Elrick (Culter) 0 vs 3 P.Hardy (Oldmachar)
M.Davis (22 Club)  vs W/o K.Cook (Culter)
S Masson (Culter) 0 vs 3 R.Murray (Oldmachar)
C.Smith (22 Club) 1 vs 3 J.Robertson (CC)
D.Walker (Portland) 2 vs 3 B.Smith (Oldmachar)
G.Whyte (Culter) 1 vs 3 J.Pettit (Culter)
S.Garden (Transport) 3 vs 1 D.Thomson (HH)
S.Hunter (Culter) vs W/o F.Allan (CC)
D.Goodfellow Jnr (Sportsmans) 3 vs 0 K.MacPherson (Oldmachar)
S.Leece (Culter) 1 vs 3 J.Whyte (Culter)
S.Gow (Dee Swim) 3 vs 2 K.Jamieson (22 Club)
A.Main (Oldmachar) 2 vs 3 J.McNolty (CC)
G.Smart (Rileys) 3 vs 1 S.Patterson (CC)
G.Podlesny (CC) 0 vs 3 G.Mitchell (Hopeville)

Draw made tonight at Culter by myself and Sandy Masson.

Good Luck All.


G. Podlesny 0. -  3. G. Mitchell

P Hardy 3.0 G Elrick

A Main 2-3 J Mcnolty

A.Pedelty 0-3 S.Martin

D.Walker 2-3 Barry Smith

Well done to Barry for getting over the line gave it my best so delighted to be involved in a great match best of luck for the remainder of the tournament


D.Walker 31,32