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Hi There!!

Hi Everyone, Just wanted to say that as part of my University Honors project I was tasked with coming up with a website that would suit the needs of all users both young and older. I took a look at the Aberdeen Snooker website and thought it needed to be badly updated so it was perfect for me to use this as my project. I wanted to create something that didn't strive to far away from what you are used to but at the same time adding some new modern techniques and features that will make it stand out a lot better and be easier to use. As you may of noticed this forums page has had a face lift as well as the rest of the site. A lot of pointless menus that didn't seem to work have been removed and a lot of the clutter has been taking away to make it more simplistic for you all. A simple navigation bar at the top gives you all of the basic info for day to day needs and the side bar will be an updated version of handicaps, rankings, high breaks, Gallery, Hall of fame and the committee members to get in contact with.


This is going to be a work in progress for the time being until everything is set up and ready and the current site will remain live until this one is fully complete. If you do notice any bugs at all then please feel free to message me to get this resolved quickly before the full launch.


This sites content such as images, colours and pages will constantly be updated and any new ideas you have can be discussed at the yearly AGM ready for the new season.


Thanks for reading this novel and I hope you all enjoy the new website.

Hawk 🙂